The Core Essence – bypassing the chakra system

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I just want to get back a little on the topic of chakra removal. Chakra-EnergyIf you have not read the original post, you can check it out. Back then I thought I did remove my chakra system completely but then I had a remote Quantum Sphere Healing session with Carla Fox and she confirmed that they were only partially removed. Though I did feel a difference and a sense of ease after my first attempt, the result was not perfect.

The first time I had a go at it, I tried to gather all the chakras energetically, using my mind but not my hands to combust them in my expanded core essence field. Well, it is clear that (1) it is easier to use the hands as if trying to grab the chakras “physically” one by one and (2) that it is always best to ask someone who can check if your chakras are actually gone. It is not as easy to check it for yourself – of course, my ego said yes, they are gone. After all, the ego would feel a failure if  I would have had to admit that I was not able to do it for the first time. Spiritual Ego stuff, as always…

My second attempt was successful (phew, says S.E. wiping the sweat from its forehead). This time I used my hand as if trying to grab the chakras and pulled the cords and pulled and pulled until I felt they were in my hand. First I pulled out the crown chakra and held it with one hand, then I went for the third eye chakra and pulled out the front chakra and then its dorsal pair at the back of the head (so you not only remove the front chakras but those at the back too). When I got to the root chakra and I pulled it out, I gathered up all the energy of the system between my hands and with my intention I squeezed it into a ball of light, squeezing it until it became a point and got combusted into the core essence field – the way Carla Fox was describing it in her blog. I think it helped that before moving to each chakra, I spent a couple of breaths focusing on the expansion of the core essence so that it would not deflate.

It is not necessary to remove the chakras to start engaging the core essence, actually Barbara Brennan who wrote the books Healing Hands and Light Emerging already described the core essence in the latter book, as the deepest dimension of the human being. It has always been there, beneath the dimension of the chakras. Below you can read the post of Carla Fox on the core essence to see how you can start to connect with it and live from this direct connection with your true self, beyond the limitations and fragmentation of the chakra system and its limited views on reality.

Core Essence

In order to be truly autonomous and self referencing beings, we need to routinely go within for direction and guidance instead of looking to external sources of information. Establishing routine contact with our core essence is essential for this to happen.

What is our core essence? It is the deepest and innermost part of us, and at the same time the brightest, most expansive and purest. It is who we are outside of time and space and has always existed. It encompasses who we are, who we have always been and who we are becoming.

Since our core essence is infinite, it can sometimes be difficult to relate to from our focus of attention in the physicality of 3rd dimensional earth. Here is a simple way to start the process of contacting and eventually embodying your core essence. During the Quantum Sphere Healing class, we do this process at the start of every exercise. I also highly recommend doing this before you do any journeying or healing work on another.

This exercise can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or walking. First, you will start the accessing of your core essence by targeting a spot on your chest right above the heart organ. Quiet your body and mind and use a few fingers on one of your hands to tap this part of your body. This will draw your focus of attention to this place.

Next, close your eyes and allow your focus of attention to gently journey deeper and deeper into the body at that location until it makes contact with a small glowing golden globe of light. You will either sense, perceive or see this globe. You have just made contact with your 5th dimensional energy field.

As you hold your attention on this golden globe, start expanding it by using your breath. Inhale through your nose to gather energy. As you exhale through your mouth, use that energy to expand the golden globe. Repeat this process to gradually expand the globe until it is as big as your chest, and then your body.  Finally, extend it out from your body several feet in all directions.

You are now in the center of your own 5th dimensional energy field. To your inner eye, it will look like you are floating in a sea of pale golden campaign! This high energy space will tend to deflate. If that starts to happen, simply use your breath to re-inflate it. You can sit in this space to receive guidance, commune with nature, have a conversation with a loved one, or take a journey as described in the previous post, Take a Trip. As you get used to sitting in this space, imagine, sense and feel that you are communing with your infinite core essence.  Enjoy.

(Update on August 31, 2013)

It is amazing how quickly information gets outdated!  That is why I decided not to write another book and prefer to post the latest instead.  As I have worked with my core essence over time, it has revealed itself to be a rotating golden torus instead of a golden globe of higher dimensional energy.  The axis of the torus is parallel to the ground and the energy flow goes either in the front and out the back or in the back and out the front and around.  When you expand your core essence, you may be able to sense the direction of your own rotational flow.


Reenverdece tu parte del desierto

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Beautiful-Oasis-in-the-Desert-PhotosLos desiertos siempre tenían un efecto extraño sobre mí. De alguna manera me causaban una urgencia interna para ir y hacer algo para evitar que la arena convertiera a la tierra y las rocas en más arena, para crear oasis, plantandolos con árboles y debajo de su follaje cubriendo todo con plantas. Así que quizá podréis imaginar mi entusiasmo cuando me tope con el video del proyecto “Enverdeciendo al desierto” en Jordania, uno de los paises más desérticos. Usando permacultura, una estratégia inteligente e integral que imita a los procesos complejos de la naturaleza, Geoff Lawton ha conseguido crear un jardín capaz de utilizar cada gota de humedad que de otra manera hubiera sido perdida por los sistemas agriculturales usuales. Yo pensaba que si esto es posible allí, en Jordania, debe ser posible hacerlo en cualquier parte del mundo. Y entonces hay esperanza de que la Tierra pueda volver a ser el sitio hermoso que debería y merece ser. No solo algunas partes, sino todo hasta el último rincón de patio trasero. Aquí os pongo un post corto de la revista ingIes Permaculture con un video.  Continue reading

Regreen your piece of the desert

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Beautiful-Oasis-in-the-Desert-PhotosDeserts always had a strange effect on me. Somehow I had this inner urge to go and do something to stop the sand from turning the land and the rocks into more sand, to create oases planting them with trees and under their canopy cover everything with greens. You can imagine how excited I became when I bumped into the video of the “Greening the desert” project in Jordania, one of the driest countries of the world. Using permaculture, an integrated, smart agricultural approach which mimics the complex processes of nature, Geoff Lawton was able to create a garden which was capable of using every last drop of moisture that otherwise would have gone lost when using the current agricultural systems. I was thinking, if it is possible to do there, in Jordan, it should be possible everywhere! Then there is hope for Earth to become the beautiful place it used to be and which it deserves to be. Not just parts of it, but down to the last backyard corner. I am copying here the short blog post from the Permaculture magazine with a video. Continue reading

Eliminar los chakras – el por qué y el cómo

Me acuerdo que estaba muy entusiasmada cuando leí de varias fuentes que pronto ibamos a conseguir nuevos, o reactivar ya existentes, pero haco mucho atrofiados, chakras extras para tener un total de 12 (aparte de los chakras posteriores), y ¡que íbamos a convertirnos cuidadanos cósmicos! Me puse a activarlos casi inmediatamente. Bueno, la mala noticia es que resulta que lo que nos dijeron sobre el sistema de los chakras no es así… en realidad los chakras no son una parte integral y orgánica de nuestro sistema energética y se pueden eliminar fácilmente. Cuando primero oía esto, pensaba que ¡yo no estoy planificando a morir, que no voy a eliminar mis chakras! Pero luego investigaba sobre el tema y llegué a la conclusión, o más bien a una sensación interna, de que ya era tiempo de deshacerme de ellos. No porque yo soy especial o algo así, sino simplemente porque entonces tendría más control sobre mi propia energía y mis emociones sin los chakras. Así que los eliminé en abril de 2014 y todavía estoy aquí viva y coleando.
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Chakra removal – why and how to do it

I remember how excited I was when I learned from various sources that soon we will acquire new, or reactivate the existing, but long ago atrophied, extra chakras to have a total of 12 (not counting the chakras in the back), we will be cosmic citizens! I immediately got down to activate them. Well, the bad news is that it turns out that what we were told about the chakra system is not really so…actually, the chakras are not an integral, organic part of our energy system and they can be easily removed. First when I heard about it, I thought no way, I am not planning to die to remove my chakras! But then I investigated and came to the conclusion, more like an inner sensation, that it was time to just get rid of them. Not because I am special or something like that, but simply because I would be more in control of my energy and my emotions without them. So I removed them in April 2014 and am still alive and kicking. Continue reading

Lo que no quieren que sepas sobre los ETs y la agenda alienígena

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Si sabemos qué buscar,  fácilmente podemos notar el creciente nivel de la  presentación de los ETs y el fenómeno ovni a las masas en los últimos tiempos. Mucha gente ya está demandando la revelación pública de las informaciones de alto secreto sobre los contactos con ETs que han sido mantenidos en secreto por los gobiernos. Hay muchas personas en el movimiento New Age que de hecho están esperando/demandando que los extraterrestres finalmente se aparezcan para mostrarse abiertamente con el fin de “salvar a la humanidad”, para salvarnos de nosotros mísmos. El problema es que si nuestra percepción está limitada comparada con la de cualquier raza extraterrestre en cuestión, ¿cómo podríamos saber cuáles son sus verdaderas intenciones? Bueno, en realidad sí que se puede saber, si sabemos en qué fijarnos… Continue reading

What they do not want you to know about ETs and the Alien Agenda

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If you know what to look for, you can easily note an increasing level of ETs and the UFO phenomenon being presented on a mass scale in recent times. Many people are demanding the public disclosure of top classified information about ET contact the governments have kept secret. There are many in the New Age movement who are actually expecting/demanding that extraterrestrials finally show themselves to us openly to “save humanity”, to save us from ourselves. The problem is…if your perception is more limited than that of any ET race in question, how could you know their true intentions? Well, we can actually know it, if we know what to look for… Continue reading