George Kavassilas on Christmas, Jesus and religion

Hi Everyone,

Today is the winter solstice, from now on daylight will be ever growing, yippie!

It is like the end of the planetary outbreath, the Earth is now ready to breathe in again. And by the way, Christmas is lurking just around the corner too. Synchronistically, I stumbled upon the below interview of Sensei Dave with George Kavassilas, where they talk about Jesus, the Christ, Christmas, and the entire religion business among other stuff. The part on Islam and the real meaning of the sword is really interesting.

Highly recommended, even the sound quality is not the best.

Happy Solstice to you all!



What they do not want you to know about ETs and the Alien Agenda

Hello Everyone,

If you know what to look for, you can easily note an increasing level of ETs and the UFO phenomenon being presented on a mass scale in recent times. Many people are demanding the public disclosure of top classified information about ET contact the governments have kept secret. There are many in the New Age movement who are actually expecting/demanding that extraterrestrials finally show themselves to us openly to “save humanity”, to save us from ourselves. The problem is…if your perception is more limited than that of any ET race in question, how could you know their true intentions? Well, we can actually know it, if we know what to look for… Continue reading

Es tiempo de dejar de ser un “trabajador de la luz”

Bienvenidos a Create from your Core (Crea de tu Nucleo). Antes, incluso hasta hace 6 meses, hubiera querido que este blog sea completamente “mio”, que contenga nada mas que “Mi Sabudiría”. Bueno, puede que demuestra una cierta maduración por mi parte el hecho de que ahora prefiero llenarlo con las cosas verdaderamente importantes en la manera más efectiva posible y como ahora estamos en tiempos bastante intensos (por un lado tenemos a los chicos malos con su agenda llena para implementar el estado totalitariano y estupidizarnos y luego cyberneticazar/robotizarnos ,  por otro lado a la rápida evolución de la consciencia), parece que lo mejor es empezar con algo sustancial.

Esto algo no es “mío”, no lo escribí yo pero estoy muy agradecida a su autor, Cameron Day por su trabajo, y las percepciones de su artículo que realmente nos abren los ojos. Así que, utilizando la potencia de la ventana energética del solsticio de verano,  estoy encantada de presentaros un artículo de Cameron Day.  Su página web es y os animo a echar un vistazo a su información. Tiene un protocolo de auto-limpieza energética con videos etc. gratis que puede ser de gran ayuda en mantenernos sanos mentalmente.  Así que, ahora sin más, que hable Cameron.
Continue reading

Time to quit your “lightworker job”

Welcome to Create from your Core. Earlier, even 6 months ago I would have wanted to make this blog fully “mine”, to contain nothing but pure “Me Wisdom”. Well, this may be a sign that I am maturing, after all, because I prefer to fill it with important stuff  in the most efficient way and as we are in pretty intense times (with a jam packed agenda of the bad guys to implement a totalitarian state and trying to dumb down and robotise people on the one hand, and the rapid evolution of our consciousness on the other hand), the best thing seems to be to start with something substantial.

It is not “mine”, I did not write it but I am grateful for the author, Cameron Day for his work, and the insights of this message are a true eye opener. So, using the potency of the Summer Solctice energetic window, I proudly present to you an article from Cameron Day. His website is and I encourage everyone to check his information out. He’s got a self-clearing protocol with videos etc. there for free which can be a life and sanity saver. There you go, Cameron. Continue reading