I have walked a winding path through the 4D spiritual teachings of the New Age, had been duped by a “spiritual teacher” or two, believing I was working “for the Light”, had fallen into all the possible ego traps, even got dumped once. I developed a whopping size spiritual ego with an equally enormous shadow side which went completely rampant and unowned.From the years-long dark night of the soul I jumped straight into the seeming liberation of oneness based on the chakra system and centering in the pineal gland, pulling in light from outside of me. I ended up being lured into the New Age healing paradigm, got two healing qualifications as a “healer” and even as a “spiritual teacher”. I took healing sessions from New Age healers which felt superficially plaquating, but deep down I started to have a strange feeling as if something was off. Everything seemed too rosy and too perfect and just what I wanted to hear.

Then I came across the information of George Kavassilas which was life changing. From denying it kicking and screeming, I slowly came to realise its truth. I removed my chakra system and my kundalini system.  After that I became immediately less reactive and I was more out of the emotional entanglements so common in human life. I am learning to connect and work with my inner core, my core essence and I am on the path of becoming a sovereign human being. It is my intention that this website serves as a stimulus for people to wake up from the trance, the web of lies which humanity has been suffering in for way too long, and to help people grow up spiritually, to stop waiting for others to save them and to search within instead, and then use the wisdom found to create the reality we truly want: social and economic harmony, natural building, food, water and energy self-sufficiency, respect for life and the human soul and spirit, coming back to the organic light of the Universe  and cocreating with it.


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