Chakra removal – why and how to do it

I remember how excited I was when I learned from various sources that soon we will acquire new, or reactivate the existing, but long ago atrophied, extra chakras to have a total of 12 (not counting the chakras in the back), we will be cosmic citizens! I immediately got down to activate them. Well, the bad news is that it turns out that what we were told about the chakra system is not really so…actually, the chakras are not an integral, organic part of our energy system and they can be easily removed. First when I heard about it, I thought no way, I am not planning to die to remove my chakras! But then I investigated and came to the conclusion, more like an inner sensation, that it was time to just get rid of them. Not because I am special or something like that, but simply because I would be more in control of my energy and my emotions without them. So I removed them in April 2014 and am still alive and kicking.

Below you can read the blog post on chakra removal of Carla Fox, a shamanic healer and the developer of Quantum Sphere Healing, who has a great blog at I recommend taking a look at the links in the post too, there is a wealth of information there.

Chakra removal

Yes, that’s right. Chakra removal. I removed my whole chakra system and kundalini patterning on November 14, 2012. And yes, I am still alive and well and better than ever. Part of my mission here on earth is to examine and let go of any structures or programming that would keep me stuck in the 4th dimension upon my final transition. As I have come to realize after doing this that it is just the first step to uncovering the massive amount of matrix programming that we humans are subject to.

For those of you who have been listening to George Kavassilas’ radio interviews or have read his book Our Universal Journey, you are familiar with his description of the programming that comes from the synthetic realities that we are dealing with day to day on an energetic level. You also might want to listen to the last hour of episode 5 on his other radio program for a great discussion on various ways to remove the chakras.

I had been mulling this whole issue over for a while before I decided to go for it. This is the process that I used. First, I visually assessed my chakra system. Ten days before this I had taught the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here in Cortez, part of which involves expanding one’s core essence at the start of every exercise. I could see that all of my chakras were popped out away from my body by at least a foot, and that they were connected to their origin on my spine by a very thin thread. I have no doubt that this was a result of the repeated expanding of my core essence during the class.

For the actual removal, I sat quietly and tuned in before expanding my core essence until it was larger than my body by about 2 feet all the way around. Then, with my hands, I gathered up all of the chakra patterning, including the attached threads, and merged it into a ball of energy that was held right in front of me. After thanking my chakras for their service, I used the QSH technique of squeezing the ball of energy smaller and smaller until there was nothing left. The patterning completely dissolved. This was done with my physical hands within my personal expanded 5th dimensional space. When I rechecked visually, the chakras were indeed gone, as was the patterning for the kundalini.

This method can also be used to remove one chakra at a time. Another method is to simply pull the chakra energy out with your hands, thank it, and then press it into the chest, sending it into your core essence to be dissolved without needing to expand that core first. It is always good to have someone who knows how to detect chakras check you after you are finished. This is what our launching group did for each other at our last get together.  Remember that this is a process that you must do for yourself.  No one else can do it for you.

The immediate and very palpable result for me was a feeling of being calm, peaceful and centered within with more inner stillness on a day to day basis. I am much less reactive to even big things now, and have been realizing that so much we react to, take in and embrace as a belief system is really matrix programming designed to keep us addicted to the drama of life on planet earth. The removal of the chakra system is the first step to accessing the rest of the programming from the synthetic realities that is designed to keep us entrapped in the 4th dimension. It is also vitally essential that we know what is truly ours to work on and what is not so that we can process our own issues with more conscious awareness.

Many of my clients and students have already removed their chakras successfully, and I am hearing about more and more people who have done this in a variety of different ways. This tells me that this is indeed a false patterning imposed on us. If this was organic patterning, it would not be so easy to remove. Also, keep in mind that if you are receiving healing work from someone whose modality works with the chakras, they will no longer be able to use that modality on you. If your healing modality works with a client’s chakras, you will no longer be able to use that modality on those who have removed their chakras That is one benefit of learning the QSH modality, as no chakras are involved.

After describing my chakra removal process to one of my friends, she asked me if my inner vision had gone away since I no longer had a 3rd Eye. What a great question, as I hadn’t even thought of that. I can assure everyone that my inner vision has not changed a bit, and now seems to be expanded to be able to see more of the structure of the matrix programming that surrounds and connects to us. More on that later.


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